Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kentucky Lake American Fishing Series is underway...

Day one is over, and I was very fortunate today to catch a good limit.  I had 16lbs and 15oz for the day, which left me in 14th place.  I'm just 2 ounces off the top ten, which is where they cut the field to after tomorrow.  I believe that I need another 16 to 16 and a half pounds tomorrow if I want to make the cut.  Lord willing that will happen.  I know I was blessed to have caught nearly 17lbs today, so I'm grateful for that.  Check in tomorrow, if I make the cut, I'll have a  new post, if not it might be a day or two before I report.
God Bless,


Basspastor said...

Go get em Duke, and good luck!

Duke Jenkel said...

Thanks BP. I tried my best, just couldn't get a big bite on day two.