Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baits and Patterns for Kentucky Lake American Fishing Series

As promised, here are the baits and patterns used last week during the American Fishing Series event held on Kentucky Lake.

During practice I had been able to find a few fish in the flooded bushes and trees in the backs of the creek arms and along the sides, near secondary points.  As the tournament neared, the Tennessee Valley Authority began to drop the lake at a rapid rate.  This brought a lot of the fish out to the edge of the flooded bushes and creek mouths.  It also provided a little better access to the fish living in the flooded trees and bushes located on secondary points.

On day one I ran secondary points, creek mouths and small pockets on the sides of the creek arms that had only a few flooded bushes or willow trees in them.  I ended the day with 16lbs and 15oz, just 3 oz out of tenth place.  I caught most of my fish this day flipping a Dunn's Premium Baits Big Bite Honey Bug and throwing a Fire tiger Rapala DT6.

On day two I managed only 12lbs and 5oz.  I never had a big fish on, so I have no complaints.  I caught all of the fish I weighed this day on the Dunn's Honey Bug.  I did manage a keeper on the DT6, but culled it out a little later in the day.  One other bait I used this week was a Lunker Lure Ultimate Rattling Jig, a 3/4 ounce jig in Black, Blue and Purple color with a Zoom Super Chunk jr trailer in Sapphire blue. 

Pictured below are the baits I used in this tournament:
  • The Dunn's Honey Bug was fished on 30lb Maxima Fluorocarbon line, a 3/8ths ounce or one-half ounce Penetrater Tungsten weight and a Paycheck Lures Punch Hook.

  • The Ultimate Rattling Jig was also fished on 30lb Maxima Fluorocarbon, both the jig and the Honey Big were fliiped with a GLoomis 7'5" Flipping stick model # BFR894

  • The DT6 was fished with a 7' GLoomis crankbait rod model # CBR845, on 10lb Maxima monofilament line. 


Chris Ricci said...

Great job Duke and thanks for the pics of the baits of destruction.Your due to make a cut,keep the faith.

Duke Jenkel said...

Thanks Chris! Lord willing I'll get in there.