Sunday, May 2, 2010

Can you smell that?

If you are smelling what I am smelling, let me tell you what it's me.  Yep, me, actually it's my fishing ability.  I competed yesterday in the opening event of the Illini Division of the BFLs, and man did I stink that one up!  I finished in 30th place, they paid 16 places.  I was two pounds and seven ounces out of a check, that's downright terrible.  I shouldn't really blame my fishing ability, I caught every fish that bit, but one.  I just couldn't get a good bite, I didn't get very many bites at all.  It was just a tough day of fishing. I know I was blessed to catch what I caught, so I'm going to take my own advice and remember that it's a points race and this was the first tournament out of a five tournament series where the top forty anglers from the points list (an accumulation of all points earned over the whole season) advance to the regional-championship and I'm sitting in good shape for that.  I know that's sound advice, sure sounds better when I'm saying it, instead of having to listen to it!
God Bless,

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