Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here we go...

Today was the last day of practice, I took today off to get my equipment ready, organize my tackle and a few other last minute items. If I had to grade my practice, I'd say it was a B+. I had two good days, one mediocre day and one tough one. I do think I figured a little something out yesterday, but I'm a little hesitiant to start shouting back-to-back top tens!! Actually, I had a good day yesterday, but tomorrow is going to bring a big change in the weather. It is going to be interesting to see how it affects the fish I've found. I do know that if the Lord is willing, I'll be able to adjust with them and have a good day. I need to catch a few to go ahead and qualify for the Stren Championship, that is the primary goal, all others come second to that. So hopefully, it will all fall together.

The weigh-in starts at 3pm (cst) and can be viewed at just click on the red "live weigh-in" banner at the top of the web page.

'Til then, God Bless,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lake of the Ozarks Stren Series Tournament

Practice has begun for final Central Division Stren Series tournament on Lake of the Ozarks. The first day of practice went fairly well, today was a little bit tougher than I expected, but not too bad overall. I've managed to catch a limit both days, but the fish seem very scattered. Meaning that they are few and far between. You really have to cover a lot of water to get enough bites to make up a limit. I've got 2 more full days of practice, and Lord willing, I can expand on what I've found and end the regular season with a good finish.

We'll see what the next two days hold, I'll have a better idea of how this tournament is going to play out.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The final push...

I've spent the last couple of weeks getting ready for the final push of the season, the 4th qaurter of the competitive year you might say.

Lord willing I leave for Lake of the Ozarks this coming Friday to compete in the 4th and final tournament of the Stren Series Central division. I'm currently in 22nd place in the points standings, the top 40 in the points stadings at the end of the year advance to the Stren Series Championship on Pickwick Lake. I believe if I just catch a few next week, I will qualify for the championship. All of the weigh-ins for the Stren Series tournaments (this includes the championship) can be viewed at

After, the Ozarks tournament, I will drive to Hemphill, Texas to Toledo Bend and compete in the final tournament of the PAA Tour. I'm in 9th place in the points in this circuit, and with any performance at all I will qualify for the PAA championship, which also advances the top 40 anglers in the points standings. The championship is titled the Toyota Texas Bass Classic. It will be held on Lake Conroe in Conroe, Texas, about 30-45 minutes north of Houston. The cool part about the PAA Championship is the fact that if you qualify, you are guaranteed a check. That's right, there are only sixty anglers who qualify for this event, and 60th place pays $2000. That is sweet! Nothing like knowing your getting paid automatically! PAA event weigh-ins can be viewed live by going to

After the TTBC at lake Conroe, I will begin the trek home. Most likely with a ton of laundry to do and hopefully, with several checks to cash (big ones hopefully). If I have qualified for the Stren Championship, I'm thinking about taking a detour through Florence, Alabama and checking out Pickwick Lake, since I'll be returning home on the 19th of October from this trip, and leaving again on the 29th of October for Pickwick Lake. I could get a little pre-practice in and have an idea of what to expect a week and a half later when I return for the tournament.

Regardless of the ending, it has been an incredible year. I've been blessed beyond belief, and have to give credit where it's due. The Lord has agian provided for me in the wake of difficult financial times and lots of uncertainty. I'm pretty humbled by that alone, so here's to the last tournaments of the year, Lord willing I'll achieve some success, if not, apparently there's a better plan in store. So click on the links above, and watch the events unfold live.

See ya on the water,