Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rounded the corner and the wheels fell off...

From hero to zero would be a good description of day two.  I managed to generate more bites on day two than I had generated on any single day of the event, practice included, I just failed to catch any fish that met the 15" minimum length requirement.   I gotta tell ya, that stinks.  After a good day one, I was sitting great position to cash a check.   No keeper fish on day two pretty much derailed that effort.  If I had the opportunity to do day two all over again, I don't think I would fish any different areas, a friend of mine fished the same area as I did and caught four keepers that weighed 9lbs and 11 ounces, so I know the fish were there, I didn't make the proper adjustments to catch them.  Overall I finished in 58th place, not good, but not disasterous, so its off toLake Quachita in Hot Springs, AR.  Hopefully I can keep the wheels on for this one!
God Bless,


Basspastor said...

I think it's kind of hard to say if making some kind of adjustment would have brought in keepers instead of only shorts. I do know this, the wrong adjustments and you don't even catch anything.

This may just be me, but if I'm going to zero, as frustrating as it might be, I'd still prefer to have caught something rather than nothing.

Duke Jenkel said...

Well, actually, the fish moved up higher in the water column on the last day, and the baits I fished were below the bass. So, had I made the proper adjustment, jerkbait, or shallower crankbait, I could have caught these fish. The crankbait I used ran too deep, when the fish suspended higher in the water column, the other angler in the area with me used a shallower diving crankbait and he caught 9lbs 11oz.