Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two weeks until the BFL at Lake Shelbyville

I've got two weeks until the BFL at Lake Shelbyville.  I decided this year to fish the Illini division of the BFLs in hopes of qualifying for the end of the year regional that is on Kentucky/Barkley lakes.  With that said, Shelbyville has always been my arch nemesis, I mean it has treated me pretty badly in the past.  I think I have probably fished 20 events on this lake in my life, and I know for sure that I have blanked nine of them.  Yep, never caught one in 9 of 20 events, that's downright terrible!  Hopefully, the tides are turning, I have learned a few things since those early trips to Shelby-town.  I finished in the top third of the field at the last BFL (at Shelbyville), but the fish were shallow, now that warm weather has arrived, it is most likely going to be a off-shore bite, which is good, if you can get your timing right.  It has always seemed to me that on this lkae you can get out of time with the fish, and when they're actively feeding in a ledge, and miss the best bites the entire day, only to have fellow anglers tell you that they clobbered them on the very places you fished.  Ugh, that just adds insult to injury.  Anyway, Lord willing I'll bag me a few, or maybe even better catch enough to get paid and move on to the next one.  We'll just have to see.
God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Hey Duke,

Are you fishing for spots, smallmouth, or largemouth at Shelbyville?

I've never been there...but I am looking forward to reading about it all.

BTW...you coming out the the US Open? They are providing boats to the guys that come out, so they don't have to haul their own boat...call me. Also Forrest Wood, and Houston are coming out prior to it for the Tribute Dinner. All part of the US Open events.

Duke Jenkel said...

Actually, there are no spots in Shelbyville, the Dept. of Natural Resources stocked a few smallmouth, and they must be immediately released when caught, so its going to be an all largemouth deal. I am looking forward to this one, I like to fish off-shore, so I'm a little excited. I hadn't even looked at the US Open, I'll give you a call.