Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Ole Shelbyville!

Right now, if I could, I'd let out the best imitation of Charlie Brown's "AAARRRRGH!!!" I could muster, but I don't think it would help.  It would be fitting though, just like when Lucy sets the ball up for Charlie Brown, he eyes it up, feels good about it, and off he goes towards Lucy to give that ball the best kick he can deliver, and just at the last minute Lucy jerks the ball away and good ole Charlie Brown swings and misses.  That scenario pretty much sums up my tournament last weekend at Shelbyville.  You see, I too have a long lasting realtionship with Lake Shelbyville, just like Charlie and Lucy, and for years Shelbyville has been jerking the ball away at the last minute, just when I think I got it lined up perfectly, Shelbyville changes the game plan and I deliver a Chrlie Brown style "swing and a miss".  Case in point, I had an excellent pre-practice trip a week before the tournament.  I didn't set the world on fire, but I caught them pretty decent.  Which left me feeling pretty good about last Saturday's tournament.  That's when it all began to unravel...well, sort of.  It rained every day, practically from the day I practiced until last Friday (the day before the tournament).  Which in turn raised the lake about 7 feet.  I never could relocate the fish I found the week before.  So I limped in to the weigh-in with 1 keeper that weighed right at a pound and a half.  That my friends is terrible!  But, on the bright side I survived both events at Shelbyville this year (that's a new trick for me) so maybe I am learning a few things out on the road, that can help me at home.  I fell from 23rd in the points standings to 25th, so no major damage occured.  The top 40 anglers at the end of the season advance to the regional championship.  The last two events of the year are scheduled to take place on the Ohio River at Golconda, IL.  I haven't been to the river in about 5 years, but I always did like fishing down there, so maybe, just maybe, I can get this ship turned around and headed in the right direction.  Lord willing, I'll get it together.
God Bless,

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