Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gearing up for another tournament, headed to another river...

It's the second river system I've been on this month, of course the last was the mighty Mississippi, this time it was the Tennessee.  I'm getting ready for another tournament that takes place the first part of August, it launches upstream of the Tennessee river, on the Ohio.  To get to the Tenn. river, I'll have to lock one time, not too bad, but locking always introduces the chance of not being able to return to weigh-in on time if the locks are busy with commercial boat traffic (barges to be exact).  The commercial boats get priority over pleasure boats, so it can be gamble.  I got to spend an entire day on the Tennessee a few days ago and it turned out to be ok, not great, not terrible, just ok.  I managed to catch quite a few keepers, but couldn't really catch anything of any size.  So my next scouting trip will be to the Cumberland river, you see, when you lock down one time from Golconda, IL (that's where the tournament is taking off from), you enter the pool of the Ohio where Paducah, KY is located, this too is the area where the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers dump into the Ohio.  So as an angler you have a choice to run up either the Tennessee or the Cumberland, both can offer some excellent fishing.  Normally I don't practice this far in advance of a tournament, but I haven't been on the Tennessee or Cumberland in several years, so I wanted to give myself an opportunity to get re-familiarized with the rivers, before I make a judgement about where I am going to fish on tournament day.  The good thing is it is summer, and fish habits shouldn't change a whole lot between now and the tournament, so most of what I find in these early trips should remain as a viable option come tourney day.
Stay tuned, I'll continue to post how its going.  I will say it's been fun just getting back to some of the waters I fished early in my career, Lord willing I'll get to experience some of the same great results.
God Bless,

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