Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PAA All-Star Event on Lake Ray Hubbard

The first day of the PAA All-Star tournament starts tomorrow morning.  Practice has been ok, not great, not terrible.  I'm on absolutely no pattern at all.  I've figured out a few things, but am lacking a few key ingredients to completely get dialed in on what these fish are doing.  This lake has quite a few big fish in it, so I won't be surprised to see a 25 pound bag.  I will be surprised if it is me though!  Hopefully the wind will lay down a little bit the next three days, it has been brutally windy, gusting up to 40mph on Monday.  In turn, that has made getting around the lake a little bit difficult.  But, I'm excited to be here, and look forward to a good day on the water tomorrow.  Lord willing, I'll whack a big bag full of 'em and start this tournament off on the right foot.
God Bless,

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