Saturday, April 23, 2011

Don't cry over spilled milk!

The title phrase may say it all.  I had some excellent opportunities on day one to have a pretty big bag of fish.  I just failed to get them in the boat.  Don't get me wrong, it's not like I made some bad decisions, or made some major mistakes, I had some things happen that I hadn't experienced in quite a while.  On day one I had several big fish pull off of my crankbait after I had them hooked and out in open water.  No clue why this happened.  Brand new needle sharp hooks, I wasn't putting a lot of pressure on them, and just like that, gone!   In another instance of odd happenings, I hooked a pretty large fish on a senko, as the fish headed out to deep water I was unable to get her turned towards the boat, and again in open water around no obstructions, my line breaks.  That was pretty much how day one went, unfortunately I ended the day with three fish for 9.51 pounds, well short of what I should of had.  Day two was a total reversal, I had a limit by 7:35 am, and culled at 7:40.  I ended the day with a five fish limit weighing 11.18 lbs.  Not a real good weight, but had I executed better on day one, an 11lb limit would have given me enough weight to get paid, and be real close to making the cut.  Regardless, I feel blessed to have made the adjustments on day two to boat a limit.  The next event will be the PAA Tour on Table Rock Lake in Missouri, that should be a good one.
God Bless,

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