Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Illinois Bass Federation Open Trail Event - Rend Lake

I fished the 4th event of the 2009 Illinois bass Federation Open Trail this weekend at Rend Lake. I was fortunate enough to catch my limit, but struggled to catch any fish bigger than 2 lbs. I had one good fish that weighed a little over three pounds, that was it. My total weight for the event was 9.96lbs, good enough to finish in 4th place and cut a decent check. The top three places were 15lbs, 13lbs and 11lbs. One big fish would have moved me up considerably, but I would have needed two good ones to win. I can't complain, I didn't lose any fish the entire day, only missed one bite, which is really good, considering I flipped bushes for most of the day, which can often be a recipe for a lot of missed fish and some heartbreaking fish losses. I managed to catch my biggest fish with less than hour to go, which allowed me to cull out a very small keeper, in fact, that fish got me paid. Considering the cirumstances, I think a good dose of divine intervention took place at that moment. I attached a few pictures of the winners below.

That's the latest update, I'm still two and a half weeks away from the Detroit River Stren Series Tournament. I'm praying the wind doesn't blow very hard, if you've never been on Lake Erie (which is where the Detroit river runs into) fishing out there when the wind blows reminds me of the Discovery television series Deadliest Catch, the waves are huge, and many of them come into the boat with you, you just have to turn on the bilge pumps and keep driving.

See ya later,

(L to R: 1st, 3rd, 4th)

Always a good thing, the check line!

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