Friday, July 17, 2009

Detroit River Stren Series Event

Just rolled into Detroit...and as expected the wind is blowing!! Nice, nothing like a 25mph wind to get you excited about going out on Lake Erie or St. Clair for that matter. Regardless, it'll be a buckle up, hang on and pray the good Lord holds your equipment together so you can get back home event. Better yet, pray for light winds. It's pretty cool here, compared to Southern IL. I think it was 71 degrees at 3 o'clock when I got here, looks like it's going to be cold in the mornings, mid to upper fifties, real nice temperatures to get wet in. Anyway, I've got a new waterproof phone, or at least water resistant. I'm going to try and shoot a little video if it isn't to rough and post it later. We'll see how water proof this thing actually is by the end of next week. Hope everyone has a good weekend.
God Bless,

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