Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I am terribly behind on my blogging...

My apologies, as mentioned in earlier posts, waterfowl season absolutely wipes my blogging abilities.  With that said, waterfowl season is over for me and I am ready to get back into fishing mode.   We had another incredible waterfowl season this fall, The last half of the season was as good if not better than the first half.  For those of you who came and hunted, I'd like to thank you, and we hope to see you back this coming fall!  Believe it or not I've got all of my hunting equipment cleaned up and put away, safely stored until next season.  I'm currently in the process of sorting through the fishing equipment and getting ready for what Lord willing will be another great year on the water! Check back, now that I'm back home, I'll be checking in more frequently,
God Bless,

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