Tuesday, December 25, 2012

We're Halfway through...

We just crossed the halfway mark of waterfowl season. Like all good things there should be a halftime break, but duck hunting doesn't come with one...so, I took it upon myself to do just that, take a break.  Actually, it's only going to be a one day break but I've enjoyed it.  All kidding aside, celebrating Christmas is an important part of life, it shouldn't be missed, it's the birthday of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (not just a reason to buy give and get presents).  With that said, I'll give the first half of the waterfowl season a B, there have been some tough days, but there have been some darn good ones also.  The first part of season was a little rough, especially during the full moon cycle, but as of late it has been fantastic!  I look for the second half to be better yet.  We're under a blizzard watch for my part of the country, and that should have the ducks running wild, with more cold weather forecast this weekend, it should make for some fun times in the duck blind!  I know my blogging has suffered during duck season, you can also follow me on twitter...  @Duke_Jenkel is my account name, so until next have a Merry Christmas, and take some time to remember the reason for the season!
God Bless,

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