Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Lake Shelbyville BFL is in the Books

It's all over but the cryin'! Well...more like whining, and yes I'd love some cheese with my whine!  Good ole Lake Shelbyville has once again proven to me that it's her world and I'm just living in it.  After what I would call a very successful practice, I managed to produce yet another mid-pack finish.  I may be king of those, if not king, definitely royalty.  I finished 48th out of 92 anglers, by weighing in three keepers for a meager 4lbs 6oz.  This is the third straight event where I have had the fish dialed in, and come derby day, it evaporates, missing without a trace.  I would love to put my finger on the reason, and I'm as lost as last year's Easter egg as to the why my patterns are disintegrating like that.  I do know that the law of averages will kick in sooner or later and things will hold together for me.  I'd like to really fuss and complain, but in all honesty I was blessed to have what I caught.  The fish I had located were off-shore, holding on channel swing points positioned in 14-17 feet of water. I was catching them throwing a 10.5" Zoom Ole Monster worm and a Carolina rigged lizard, and apparently the deep fish did not cooperate very well today, as several anglers who are known for the deep water prowess also failed to catch them. So in that respect, I'm not alone, which does provide some consolation.  While many others who prodominently fish shallow did well.  That tells me my deep fish moved up on me, I'll remember that.  So, I'll leave you with a quote from a good friend of mine..."Work hard Honor God and let him take care of the details".    'Til next time!
God Bless,

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