Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Illini Division BFL set for this Saturday

Second Illini Division BFL to be held at Lake Shelbyville will take place this Saturday.  If there ever was a lake that seems to be my arch nemesis, it is this one.  Since the begginning of my competitive fishing career, I have been beaten like a drum by this lake.  I'm sure there's an exact number of times that I've been clobbered at the hands of Lake Shelbyville, but in my opinion, it is way too many to count. 
With that being said, I made a trip to the lake for a little prefishing, and to my surprise the fishing was good.  Based on my trip, I believe I have accurately identified how the fish are operating, where they're holding, at what depth, and several general areas that seem to have a decent fish population around them. So as of right now, I'm feeling pretty good aboput Saturday's derby.  However; these little green things (the fish) have fins and they like to swim around. But I believe I'm onto the right deal.  I'm going to spend tomorrow on the lake, and half of a day on Friday to solidify my gameplan and to look for some back-up stuff.  Lord willing I'll have good news to report on Monday.  I'll leave ya with a picture of one of the nicer ones I caught during my pre-fishing trip.
God Bless,
A nice hefty 4 pounder...five of these on Saturday would be sweet!!

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