Saturday, November 26, 2011

And we're off...

If the opening three days of duck season are any indication of how season is going to go, then it's gonna be a wild one!  So far we have been covered up with ducks.  Watching a bunch of mallards wad up and fall into your decoys never ceases to amaze me, or the times when you hit 'em with a good five note call and they turn on their side to get back to you, that's the stuff duck hunters dream about.  So far it's been a dream come true.  I know tougher days in the field are likely ahead of me, it's just nice to relish in the not-so-tough ones.  If you like to duck hunt, come spend a day in the pit blind with me at Pike's Hunting Club, I promise it'll be a hoot.  I'll keep ya posted on how the season is going.
God Bless,

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