Sunday, October 23, 2011

My 2011 BFL Regional is in the books...

It's done, it's over, and miraculously enough, I did well.  At what? The Barren River Lake BFL Regional last week.  I managed to finish in 5th place and qualify for the 2012 BFL All-American, and I'm absolutely stoked!   I had a decent practice and an ok tournament.  I never really whacked them any of the three days, but I just managed to stay somewhat consistent and on a tough fishery that'll do ya real well.  I owe a thanks to my roommate Aaron McManaway, who I worked together with to figure out what these fish were doing.  He also made the final day cut, but fell just two pounds short of making the All-American.  It would have been pretty awesome if both of us would have made it!  I'll post more info about the baits and patterns shortly, right now I'm a little tired and a nap sounds like a good idea.
God Bless,


TRIPdREF said...

Congratulations Duke on a great Regional Tourney! You sure deserve to be fishing the All-American! I was blessed to have drawn you for day 1. The thing that seperates you from the rest is "outstanding fishin sense," and brother, you've got IT! The one thing that sticks out most in my memory from our day together is from your morning prayer in the boat before blast off. "Lord, please offer us the strength and ability to make good decisions today." - offer "US" the strength. Yours was the only boat I was in over the three days that was pulling for me to do well too. I hope you realize how special that is Duke. But it's just you being you isn't it? Win the BIG SHOW Derek. You've got what it takes!

Duke Jenkel said...

Thanks for the kind words Dave. I thoroughly enjoyed our day on the lake. Lord willing we'll both have a good trip to the Potomac!