Monday, September 19, 2011

Shelbyville does it again...

When it comes to writing about a tournament recap for Lake Shelbyville, I beleive I could just save one in Microsoft word and then keep re-using it every time I go there.  Minus two good finishes, I hve had my brains beaten out on this waterhole too many times to count.  I used to go there, have terrible practices, and even worse tournaments.  But now, the lake has decided to start messing with me.  By that I mean I have a good practice, establish what I believe is a decent pattern, you guessed it, in a performance that resembles Lucy jerking the ball out from in front of Charlie Brown when he goes to kick it, my pattern disappears and I struggle during the event to get enough bites to build another pattern on the fly.  I'm going to have to remedy this, I think a fair portion of what takes place is in my head, I get a little too dialed in and try to force a two day old pattern that may have changed with existing conditions and I don't adjust with them.  We'll get it fixed though.  With that being said, all was not lost, I finished in 38th place and qualified for the regional.  I ended the year in 20th place in the points, and only fished four of the five events in the division, so that's not too bad.  Regardless of last Saturday's finish, I accomplished my goal of making the regional and now my focus turns towards Barren River Lake in Kentucky.  From the looks of the lake, I'm looking forward to this one.  Thanks for stopping by, I may get a chance to go the Barren River prior to the off-limits, if I do, I'll be sure to post a few pics.  Also, if you're on Twitter, look me up @Duke_Jenkel follow along, if you'd like.
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