Thursday, August 25, 2011

A little face time with Pete...

Pete Robbins is an outdoor writer...that is after he does his daily gig, which involves some sort of law degree/working in Washington/I really don't know the details, but sometihng like that.  He's actually a darn good writer (he fishes too), which brings me to my point, Pete writes a blog, it's the Pete Weighs-In  blog, and if he accomplishes nothing else, the blog snaps the ordinary reader out of their spoon fed "how to catch a biggun" coma that we often fall into while reading every available piece of bass fishing literature.  He also has a pet project, it's the PWI patch, yup, the "Pete Weighs-in" Patch, for the angler who is sponsored by everyone, even Pete.  Here's a link to a familiar face that just so happens to be part of the PWI Team...go ahead, take a look...Duking it out in Alabama  Hope you enjoy, I say bookmark the site, it's well worth it.
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