Sunday, August 28, 2011

Broken Hearts and shattered dreams revisited...

Well, sort of...I got home a few days ago from Neely Henry Lake in Gadsden, AL, what nice lake, in a super nice area of Alabama.  You may remeber I finished 2nd in the PAA tour event held there in 2009, and as I practiced for last week's event, I ran through a couple of areas where I caught them really well in '09.  As I rounded the corner of one particular slough, I saw the sight in the picture below, there it was, the old dock, make that all that remained of the old dock that reached out and swiped $25,000 out of my pocket!  How did that happen you say?  On the final day of the '09 PAA Tour tournament, I hooked a 5 or 6lb bass near these dock posts and when I set the hook, I could do nothing with her, she ran on the backside of the posts and I could do nothing but hang on.  As I worked the fish back around the posts, it wrapped around the very last post between her and the awiating dip net.  Before I could get the fish loose, she twisted off of the hook, gone for ever.  I got beat by 1lb in that tournament, had I caught that fish, I would have been able to cull a smaller one from my livewell and gain about four pounds of total weight.  More than enough to win the event, and that is how the old dock posts whacked me for $25k.  Ouch, that hurt.  I will go on to say that, I truly was blessed to finish 2nd in that tourney and I truly have no complaints, it was neat to see where some of the areas where I fished in '09 and relive a good tournament finish.
God Bless,

There it is...the dirty rotten thief!!

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