Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 days and counting...

Out of the 68 days that comprised the 2010-2011 waterfowl season, only five days remain, and I've got to tell ya, I'm one tired dude.  When duck season ended on January 23rd, we had 8 more days of goose season, three are down, five to go.  Goose hunting is a little more relaxed that duck hunting, more of a gentlemens sport.  Geese wait til a little later in the day to start flying (translated: you don't have to be up hours before dawn preparing for the day's hunt).  On our club, we hunt geese on dry land in grain fields (translated: No more waders, no more breaking ice in the pre-dawn darkness, no more numb hands!!), this affords a hunter to wear his favorite insulated hunting bibs to the field and leave the waders on the wader rack.  FYI, my Drake Waterfowl insulated bibs are like wearing your favorite sweat pants when compared to my 5-mil waders.  So with 63 days of hunting in the books (I've been in the field for 61 of those), I'm ready for some R and R.  I hope your last 63 days have been as great as mine have, so if you call me Tuesday morning at 8am and I don't answer, call back around ten, I might be up by then.  lol.
God Bless,

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