Tuesday, July 13, 2010

PAA Tour - Lake Cherokee is in the books

I think if I had to choose one word to describe the first event of the 2010 PAA Tour, the word BRUTAL comes to mind.  I know there were fish caught, there always is, but other than one decent bag of fish brought in by winner Tommy Biffle, nobody elcipsed the 16lb mark.  Two other anglers topped 15 lbs on day one, but that was it.  A ten pound limit was worth its weight in gold, at least figuratively.  I finished the event in 56th place, basically on the strength of my day two catch.  I bombed on day 1, I had a late weigh-in on day 1, which means I had a long day of fishing, usually that translates into more fish.  Not so, or at least not for me.  My day 1  weight was 1.32 lbs, I never lost any, I just didn't get bit, period! 
On day 2, I caught four keepers fro a total weight of 6.42 lbs, not great, but a ton better than day 1.  My two day total was 7.74 lbs, it took 10.32 lbs to get a check.  That is what has me frustrated, I lacked a little more than two and a half pounds to get a check, and limped in with one keeper on day 1, what a extremely poor performance that was.  To add insult to injury, in the last fifteen minutes of day two, I made a bait change and caught my two biggest fish of the tournament.  Had I adjusted sooner, like on day 1, I feel like I could have caught enough weight to not only get a check, but also make the cut (it took 11.5 to make the cut). 
So that's how the tournament went, not a horrible finish, but not what you would call good by any standards.  I'll be putting up the baits and patterns information later this week, I gotta get a few picutres first.  Thanks for stopping by, and a special thanks to all of those who took the time to pray for me, I appreciate it.
God Bless,

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