Monday, April 5, 2010

Leaving for Oauchita on Friday...sick as a dog today!

I'm not sure what happened between Friday night and Saturday morning, but I have been demolished by some form of bug!  I had a scratchy throat Sat am, left for Coffeen Lake fished all day drove home and was in bed by 8:30 p.m. (What a night life right?)  Woke up Sunday to go to church (it was Easter Sunday, the day we celebrate Jesus Christs' rising from the tomb he was placed in) and by 1 pm I was down for the count.  Couldn't swallow, hurt to walk, headache extraordinare, I was in bad shape.  In a day and a half, I went fom scratchy throat to bedridden.  Went to the doctor today and found out what was after me...Strep throat!  Yuck!  Picked up some meds at the pharmacy and Lord willing, I'll be in good enough shape to pack the truck this Thursday as I head for Lake Oauchita in Hot Springs, AR.  There's nothing like getting ready for a tournament when you're sick.  Apparently the ibuprofen has kicked in, 'cause as of right now, I feel pretty good, good enough to do a little bloggin'.  I know that's going to change when they wear off!  Hopefully it's all good news by Thursday! 
God Bless,

Oh, it wouldn't hurt to pray for a speedy recovery for me if you have the time, I know I could use it!