Monday, April 5, 2010

Coffeen Lake, practice for the IHSA Bass Fishing sectional tournament

Have you ever been to a lake that you just immediately like? Despite only a few trips there in your life?  Coffeen Lake is one of those lakes for me.  I spent the day on the lake Saturday with one of our High School anglers Jake Bathon.  He is one-half of the sectional championship team from last year.  Based on what we saw Saturday, it looks like its going to be a catch-fest for this year's tournament.  With a 12" limit for this years tourney, Jake and I would have caught approximately 35 keepers.  It seems the only issue with this tournament will be catching better quality fish.  The lake is absolutely full of 12-13.5" fish, we did manage to catch a couple of fish better than 15", one really nice one.  The top three teams from each sectional advance to the state finals, hopefully this year we can get both of our teams to the state tournament.
I'll keep you posted!
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