Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spent the day on the pond.....

I spent the day on the lake today, never got a bite! I went with a friend to Cedar Lake in Southern Illinois. Thanks to a calm night and overnight lows of 16 degrees, we had to break ice for a little over an hour to get to open water. I think we needed our heads examined! By afternoon it had warmed up nicely and a light breeze was blowing. This allowed the lake to thaw considerably. The ride back to the ramp was a lot quicker in the afternoon, it took about ten minutes. I shot a little video as we were leaving the ramp, actually it was about twenty five minutes into the trip...I think my comment at the end of the video says a lot! lol. Until it warms up some, I think I will stay at the house.
God Bless,

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