Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Phoenix Boats

The PAA booth was located directly across fromt the Phoenix boats display, and after several hours of watching people flock into their display, I coupldn't take it, I had to go see fromyself, what everyone else apparently already knew.  Phoenix had brought 5 boats to the show, two 721's a 719 and a 619, all of these boats were currently listed on Phoenix's list of boat models they manufacture.  The fifth and final boat they brought was a new model introduced at this very show, it was the 618.  Phoenix CEO Gary Clouse mentioned that we wanted a smaller boat with all of the big boat options.  They definitely got it. The 618 is nothing short of a "mini-me" when compared to the flagship of the Phoenix fleet, the 721.  It comes in at 18' and 10" I believe.  It is rated for a 150 hp motor and apparently achieves some excellent speeds, it has the exact same hull design as the 721.  I managed to get a few pictures of the 618, when there wasn't a throng of people gathered around it.  When I asked Gary Clouse what he thought it would retail for, he said under $30k...that's impressive.  Here are the pics:

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