Sunday, January 31, 2010

Number 2000

Waterfowl season is over, well, over today to be exact, but for all practical purposes it ended last Saturday when our geese began to migrate back northward. The last week was pretty slow, mostly unforgetable, with the exception of one thing, Calli made her 2000th retreive in the field. 2000th lifetime retreive that is, which caused a little celebration in the pit. So I grabbed the camera and we shot a few pictures. I know there are a lot of dogs who have retrieved more times than this, but I've kept records since she started hunting and the incredible part is of 2000 retrieves, she has only failed to find approximately seventy-five birds. We hunt standing flooded corn, which can be challenging for a retriever, but she has made it look easy. Here's a picture of number 2000, and a thanks to all who came and hunted with us during the 09-10 season at Pike's Hunting Club.
God Bless,
(check out the right leg of the goose...see anything shiny?)

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