Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Douglas Lake PAA practice report

I think its spring...I know I heard someone say it was, but apparently no one told the area around Douglas lake.  For the first two days of practice we have endured 20+ mph winds (gusting over 30), near non-stop snow/sleet/snow, with numerous white-out conditions reducing visibility to under 200yds.  How's the fishing you ask?  T-O-U-G-H!  Or at least it has been for me.  That's not a sour grapes statement, just a statement of fact.  I still have tomorrow to try and get some work done, but unless something changes, this one is shaping up as a tough one!  Lord willing, I'll get a few things figured out tomorrow. Only time will tell.  If nothing else, at least the sun is supposed to shine tomorrow, that'll be a welcome sight!
God Bless,

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