Monday, September 3, 2012

The Final Round...

I spent the first part of Labor Day weekend on Lake Shelbyville, preparing for my final BFL regular season event.  I'm spending the last part of the weekend preparing tackle, getting items ready and loading my truck for not only this event but also for the final PAA event of the season on the Arkansas River in Oklahoma.  When I leave Shelbyville, on Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon (depending on whether I make the final day cut in the BFL tourney) I will make a mad dash to Muskogee, OK.  Practice for the PAA event in Muskogee starts on Monday morning, so it's looking like I might be getting a pretty heavy dose of windshield time.  I'm not sure how long the trip is from Shelbyville, IL to Muskogee, OK but I'm sure it's in the 8-10 hour range...that does not excite me at all, especially knowing I'll make that drive right after I load my boat from the BFL tourney.  Regardless, I'm excited.  It's been a tough year, from several standpoints, but I've been blessed to say the least.  So, I'll head into these last two events, fired up, ready to make the end of the year a good one!  Keepin' the attitudes positive, 'cause ya never know the outcome 'til it's over.  To quote the great Yogi Berra "It ain't over 'til it's over!", Lord willing we'll end it on a high note.
God Bless,

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