Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Busy weekend...

I covered a few miles this weekend, on Saturday I fished a small tournament at Lake of Egypt with a good friend of mine. Ryan Wachter.  We had a pretty good day, we managed to catch a limit that weighed 15.75lbs.  That ended up being good enough for second place.  Not too bad, considering neither one of us had any practice prior to the event.  Early in the morning, we were fortunate enough to figure out a few things about how the fish were located and how they were positioned in these locations.  This allowed us to move around a good bit and expand on what we had found.  All in all I think we boated 10 or twelve keepers throughout the day, most on a Spro Bronzeye frog,  which is definitely a lot of fun. 

After the Lake of Egypt tournament, I hopped in my truck and drove to Paris, TN to fish another derby with my good friend Mike Walker from Phoenix Boats.  I had not been on Kentucky Lake in about two months and Mike had spent one day prior to the tournament looking around.  At take-off we decided to spend a few hours shallow flipping flooded bushes.  Mike had caught several good fish the day he spent on the lake, so we thought a quick limit flipping would be the way to start.  Then we would  move out onto the secondary ledges and try to find a school of fish that might give up a big one for us.  There's a saying that goes something like this: "The best laid plans go to waste" that may not be a word for word quote, but you get the idea.  That describes our day perfectly.  We did manage to catch a limit flipping, but bites of any size (big fish) were non-existent, ay least for us.  We caught no less than three limits, but size was an issue.  We ended the day with a limit of 13.46 lbs.  It took a 21 lbs and change to win the event and I believe 13 something got a check, I don't think we did (Mike needed to get home so we left right after weigh-in).   I'm not 100% sure on the check weight, but I do think we just missed one.  Either way, it was a good day on the water, we caught an increduble number of fish.  That in itself is a blessing.

God Bless,

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