Monday, September 13, 2010

PAA Tour: Lake Tawakoni...finally, a good tournament!

I just finished the third stop of the PAA Tour at Lake Tawakoni, near Garland, TX.  I finished the event in 23rd place, Yahoo!! Finally a finish in the money.  The troubling issue is 23rd is not indicative of how well I had figured out the fish, it's more of an indicator of how well I could have done. I had a lot of trouble landing the fish that bit my lure on the las two days.  I had about a 25% landing rate, in other words, for every four bites I got, I only landed one, that's just downroght terrible!  The lost fish were due to the vegetation I was fishing, it was a very thick, tightly woven vine, I believe it's name is aquatic smartweed, it's very similar to the plant called Gator Vine found in Florida lakes, regardless, it's tough to land fish in this type of vegetation.  Boy, did I learn that the hard way.  With all of that said, I'm still excited about the finish, I was very blessed to put a good limit of fish together on day one, which helped propel me in to the final day cut.  All in all, it was a great tournament!
Next up is a BFL tournament at the Ohio River in Golconda, IL on September 25th.  Lord willing I'll be able to piece together another strong finish.
God Bless,

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