Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fishing is done for a come the ducks

Fishing season ended for me at the Stren Series Championship. Duck season started 7 days later. I was hoping for a little more of a break than that, but, not this year. Normally our duck season opens on Thanksgiving day, but this year, for some unknown reason (at least to me anyway) our season started two weeks earlier than normal. It also happens to be one of the warmest falls we've had in a while. Most of our weather was 10-15 degrees above normal highs and lows, not really "good" duck hunting weather. But, as I write this, the weather has changed the last couple of days and the ducks are starting to show up, not in mass quantities, but a few anyway. Enough to make it worth your while at least. So I'm off to the blind in the morning, I've got some friends coming in from North Carolina to hunt for a few days, hopefully we'll whack 'em!

See ya in the field,
God Bless,

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