Saturday, April 11, 2009

Final day at PAA Event on Neely Henry

Just got back to the camper and I'm a little wound up,...I just finished 2nd at the PAA event on Neely Henry, so I thought I'd update my blog. I had a two day total of 29.89. Todd Auten beat me by 1.13 lbs. I had a little trouble with execution on th elast morning, I missed several fish and let a pretty nice one get me wrapped up in some old dock posts and get away, but overall, I feel very blessed to have such a great finish in a tough group of fisherman. Oh by the way, if you haven't used any of the product called Reel Grips, you should, these things are awesome!! Till next time, God Bless!!


Basspastor said...

Great Job!!!

Tell us more, please.

Joel Trovillion said...

awesome job! What a blessing you have recieved!