Friday, May 23, 2008

Lake Norman and Beaver Lake FLW Tournaments

Well, as good as the year started, the last two events have been brutal. I waited on the net for a fish at Norman, and should have just lifted it into the boat. The fish got away, and I missed a check by 7oz. Beaver lake on the other hand, I just plain fished terrible! I've got to learn to catch fish behind people, even when I'm dealt a little adversity. At Norman, I used light line (6lb Maxima Fluorocarbon) and a G-Loomis spinning rod. At Beaver it was 20lb Maxima Fluorocarbon on my G-Loomis flipping sticks, what a difference between the two! Either way, I've got to finish in the top 50 of the next two tournaments to make the championship. I've definitely got some work to do!

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